Dermal Fillers

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Jaw, Cheek x 2, Chin, Nasolabial Folds, Marionette Lines, Tear Trough


What are dermal fillers?

Dermal fillers are substance/gels injected beneath the skin’s surface to smooth wrinkles and add volume and contour. The products are composed of stabilised hyaluronic acid (HA) which occurs naturally in the cells of the skin. It works by drawing in water and therefore augmenting the skin, thus reducing the wrinkle treated. It is by no means permanent and is totally biodegradable. Depending on what type of dermal fillers, results can last between one to two years. Fillers are very safe and have been used for over a decade. The most popular brand of dermal filler has sold over 20 million syringes.

What treatments are available 
 Temporal Fossa (Temples)
. Nose (Liquid Rhinoplasty)
. Cheeks
. Lips
. Chin
. Jawline
. Nasolabial Folds
. Marionette Lines
. Pre-Jowel Sulcus

The treatment of wrinkles with dermal filler will usually involve injecting this naturally occurring product (HA) through a tiny needle. The discomfort is minimal as the treatment does not take long to perform. The aesthetic outcomes of treatments with dermal filler are seen immediately after the treatment. Treating wrinkles with dermal filler is fast, leaving no scars.

How soon will I see any result and how long does it last?

Results are seen instantly after the treatment, although this gradually improves over the course of the following 2-4 weeks. Results can last between 9-18 months although optimal results can be maintained over a long period of time through regular repeated treatments. The longevity varies from person to person depending on your requirements and the severity of the wrinkles that are being treated, in addition to the particular dermal filler being administered

What possible side effects can result from dermal fillers?

All dermal filler treatments have the risk of temporary bruising around the injection site, swollen facial features during the initial healing period and infection at injection site. The side effects and risks associated with dermal fillers will be discussed with the practitioner at consultation.

Prices are From £135.00 per ml except for:

cheeks & Jaw  (from £180.00) 




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